Friday, November 15 | San Francisco, CA

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Deal of the Year

Nektar Therapeutics        Bristol Myers Squibb

Nektar Therapeutics is a research-based development stage biopharmaceutical company that discovers and develops innovative medicines in areas of high unmet medical need. Our R&D pipeline of new investigational drugs includes treatments for cancer, auto-immune disease and chronic pain. We leverage Nektar’s proprietary and proven chemistry platform in the discovery and design of our new drug candidates.

Our success is rooted in four key elements:

  • Our track record reflected by a portfolio of successful approved medicines which emanated from our chemistry platform and are made available globally by our pharmaceutical partners
  • Our unique research and development pipeline of new investigational medicines in cancer, pain and immunology
  • Our proprietary and proven science and technology approach that fuels our discovery efforts
  • Our team of dedicated scientists, clinicians and employees focused on bringing new medicines to patients with debilitating diseases

Bristol-Myers Squibb is paying Nektar Therapeutics $1 billion cash and an equity investment of $85 million to develop NKTR-214 in combination with Opdivo and Yervoy. All told, Bristol-Myers Squibb is committing $3.6 billion to a deal that gives Nektar the lion’s share of NKTR-214 profits and leaves it some freedom to develop the drug in combination with other assets. The deal is a record-breaker, being the largest biotech licensing fee in history.