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Friday, November 30 | San Francisco, CA

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Rising Star

second genome

Second Genome (SG) is a clinical stage, leading microbiome company, focusing on unlocking the power of the microbiome to harness products to improve the world of medicine, health, wellness and longevity. The Company has developed a broad technology platform, with the ability to translate vast microbial diversity into rational products, by identifying specific, individual bacterial strains of subject importance, e.g., correlated to health or disease, followed by generating functional information, which is translated into bioactive products.

We have established a therapeutic pipeline for gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic diseases, immunological disorders and cancer. Our lead program is a Phase 2 ready drug to treat IBD and NASH. An additional lead compound, to treat gastro-intestinal barrier repair is heading towards IND in 2018. The technology platform has also demonstrated a number of leads for the treatment of metabolic disease, as well as in immuno-oncologic disorders. The company has the largest and most diverse database of microbiome connections to health and disease. Leveraging the technology, the Company has a corporate partnership in the field of agriculture for the discovery of novel insecticides. The Company is backed Morgenthaler Ventures, ATV, Pfizer Venture Investments, Roche Venture Fund, SR One Venture Partners and Digitalis Ventures.